start with a doctype (to indicate that you know what kind of doctor this code requires) html for the whole diggitydoo head for the metadata title for…
I have keyboard opinions.
I launch something stupid, as usual
So, I was reading a book on game design and it mentioned how important naming is for accurately setting player expectations vis-a-vis what your game…
Print n' play is rapidly becoming a pretty enjoyable and surprisingly expensive hobby
It's still very rough, but this build is playable.
I re-added tunes; they remain awful.
Locations, biomes, UI updates, and throwing Tribes whole into the trash
it's a project all to itself
Unsurprisingly I have a lot of opinions about card games
I don't know, I like headphones
Path, here, the designer responsible for social design in Groovelet. Brief introduction: I like Travel and Food Blogs, and my avatar is a Bengal Cat. I…