Cards Adjacent To Humanity

Wherein I Build a Deck of Cards

After a solid week of vaguely arting after-hours, I finished this deck of 52 cards.

I’ve shipped them off to In a few weeks/months my custom decks arrived!

This partially constitutes an act of WORLDBUILDING, as the characters on the face cards and the back of the cards comprise the mythology for the nascent Groovelet universe.

The card-backs feature the Groovelet pantheon’s colors and written symbols. I haven’t covered it in detail on this blog, yet, but there’s a whole written language using this symbols that I can use for cryptic messages and such.

These correspond with the face cards, which can be set up in this pattern:

PATH and BLIT are … just… my cat and wife, respectively,

they’re my favorites.

Anyways, here’s the final product:

Each of the characters has their own name, backstory, computing domain, and is part of the Groovelet’s pantheon. Every card has either a M/F split, indeterminate gender, or is explicitly genderless.

And… I’m not really sure what I intend to do with these. I only have six decks. I don’t think that gearing up to try to do a profitable print run makes sense for peripheral characters for a world that doesn’t exist yet. Making them was more of an abstract graphics project rather than a step towards a more concrete goal.

Nevertheless, I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.