Groovelet Collection/Admin/Expiry and Tribes

A variety of updates from the past week -

Now, every card that you ever encounter goes into the new Collection window:

As I add more cards, the game states I can find my way into are starting to increase, so, an admin window:

Now I can load all kinds of preset game states! I imagine that might be useful.

In fact, it was partially useful because it immediately broke the game, attempting to load 300-some cards all at once. The performance got kinda bad. In order to fix this, I traded the scroll with some pagination, and did a bunch of things to keep react from too-aggressively updating the page, which (as far as I can tell) worked, and the game’s sluggish performance bounced back into reasonable territories.

I added a rainbow border around “innate” cards, which are some of the cards your Groovelet starts the game with and shouldn’t be able to lose under any circumstances.

And I added a new icon - for cards that disappear at Midnight, they now have a circle that slowly ticks down in the top right corner.

The card engine is coming along.

So what’s next? Tribes.

It doesn’t much make sense to make a game server-authoritative if it’s not going to be multiplayer. It would also be foolish, I think, to massively build out the single-player parts of the engine without proving that the multiplayer bits actually work. So the next major feature needs to connect more than one player somehow.

So we’re going to stuff players into tribes together. That’s the goal of the next major update.