Vlogging About Conferences

And blogging about vlogging about conferences

Hoo, I almost forgot! I’m supposed to write a blog post every Tuesday! Or you’ll forget I exist! That’s a rule I made up recently and danged if I’m not going to stick to it.

So, I tried a Vlogging experiment. The idea is, I write a lot of words, essentially all the time - so how hard could it be to just read some of those words into a camera and make a video?

I used to make much more detailed videos - videos where I’d sort of partially animate the entire thing. I’m really proud how these videos turned out, and based on the - hoogh - tens of thousands of views, they actually did pretty well. That’s better performance than most of the other content I’ve tried making.

The problem? Well, it’s… it’s just really hard to make those videos. Like, imagine that for each of those videos, I’m putting in 40-50 hours of work, split up over a couple of weekends. If I made that my hobby, that would have to become my only hobby.

So this time, I took some content I’d written but not published (oh, I have YARDS of that), gave it a little bit of a rewrite, and just rattled it off in front of a camera.

Verdict? It still takes a long time. Making videos is hard work, even low-effort ones. First of all, that’s about my eighth run through the whole script. I had to read all of those words, like, eight times! That’s two-hours of looping through the content. And, like, yeah - I do the same thing when I’m working on conference talks. I just write the whole script down, end to end, and I read it out loud again and again and again and again.

I could do multiple takes of each segment until I get them right independently and cut them together with proper video editing - but most of the time that I’d save doing that would just end up being spent on video editing, which suuuucks. If I’ve encountered a part of the script that I can’t get through without stumbling, usually it means that that part of the script needs to be rewritten so that I can read it more smoothly.

So, combined with writing and rewriting time, one of those episodes still takes about 4 hours. Which is quite a lot of time. Not sure if it’s worth it. It sure gives me a lot more patience for people online who produce lazy-looking content. Producing even the laziest looking content takes orders of magnitude more effort than consuming it!

I still might consider making more of these, but dang.

Oh, how’s the game coming along?

I’ve added a few new places where cards can go! There’s a “discard” pile, now, and a “forage” pile. These piles also stay in sync with the server, now, which was a big ol’ project.

At some point I’m going to need some kind of game mechanics.